The following is a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Page for, Take Me to the World.

What is Take Me to the World About?

Take Me to the World is a travel blog with a performing arts focus. It aims to provide information, motivation, and inspiration about travel destinations and performing art events (including theater, music, and festival) from around the world.

What Does Writing About Performing Arts Mean?

Performing arts is a broad term I’m giving to a variety of live performance events. They could be done professionally or non-professionally; they could occur indoors or outdoors, and they may be performed for profit, for charity, or for free. On Take Me To The World performing arts includes, but is not limited to the following

  • Musicals
  • Plays
  • One Acts
  • Cabarets
  • Circuses
  • One Person Shows
  • Performed Monologues
  • Performed Scenes
  • Opera
  • Street Performers including jugglers, people who stand like statues, etc.
  • Comedy Acts
  • Improv and Theatersports
  • Dance Performances
  • Open Mic Performances including readings, poetry slams, rap battles, etc.
  • Magic Acts and Illusions
  • Traditional and/or Cultural Performances in various destinations (such as Thai water puppet theater)
  • Live Tapings of TV Shows and/or Movies
  • Concerts and Live Music Events
  • Performance Based Festivals (or festivals that incorporate performances in some way)
  • Other Live Performances
  • And More

Performances, shows, events, performing arts events, performance arts, and performance events are all terms that might be used on Take Me to the World.

Will You Include Reviews?

I may include reviews of shows, performances, or festivals, but this is not the focus of Take Me to the World. The performing arts is a subjective area, but I will provide basic objective information (such as where the performance is and how much it costs). This information can then help readers decide if the show or event is something they would be interested in seeing.

A Performance May Only Be Running For a Limited Time. How Can You Write About Such a Time Sensitive Topic?

Each performance of a show will be different, and each performance will be different for each person experiencing it. Some performances, by their very nature, are unique every time, like seeing an improv show. So while I hope you will be able to see the same, or a similar show/band/act/performance as I did it might not be possible. Hopefully, you are inspired to see a similar show or production when the opportunity arises.

Who Is This Blog For?

You may enjoy Take Me To The World if you meet at least one of the follow requirements.

  • You like to travel.
  • You would like to travel, even if you are not able to (for whatever reason) at the moment.
  • You like at least one of the examples of performing arts mentioned in the definition near the top of the page.
  • You’re unsure if you like performing arts, but you’re willing to learn more about it.
  • You like discovering new things to see and do when you travel, and when you’re at home.
  • You are a human, or possess the capability of reasoning, and thinking as humans can. Perhaps Fluffy the cat will some enjoyment from Take Me to the World, but a person will probably enjoy this blog a bit more.

What If I Don’t Live Near *Insert City Name Here* Or Can’t Afford To Go To Big Expensive Shows?

Then you might want to read this post. A theater snob I am not.

How Can You Afford To Go To These Shows and Events?

I’m not limiting my audience to a specific income bracket of people, so I feature many different performances at a variety of budgets. I do believe it’s great to save up and splurge on an experience that will be worth it for you. For me, as a theater nerd, these splurges may involve seeing big professional theater productions. That said good shows and performances are available no matter what your budget is.

Do You Take Recommendations for Shows and Events to Include on Take Me to the World

I always love hearing recommendations for performances and events to see/hear/maybe be a part of (audience participation is sometimes involved in performance arts). However I cannot guarantee that I will be able to see a show or attend any event that has been recommended to me.

If you have a suggestion for a performance I should see and/or a destination I should visit, or if you have a question about this blog please contact me.