Photo Friday | The Dark Hedges in Northern Ireland

Back in April I took a quick trip to Northern Ireland. I spent the first day in the Belfast where I did a walking tour and went to Titanic Belfast. The next day I went on a tour to the Giant’s Causeway. The tour had a few stopovers including the first one of the day, a visit to The Dark Hedges in County Antrim.

“We’re coming up to our photo stop at the Dark Hedges. You’ll recognize this spot as The Kings Road from Game of Thrones,” the tour guide points out. People are excitedly talking about Game of Thrones. I turn to the girl sitting next to me and ask, “is it bad to say I haven’t seen a single episode of Game of Thrones?” She confesses she hasn’t seen it either. We bond over our lack of watching this shared piece of pop cultural.

Dark Hedges in Northern Ireland

So yes I haven’t watched Game of Thrones, but I do know the series is big and part of it is (or has been) filmed in Northern Ireland. In Belfast there is a studio in the Titanic Quarter called Titanic Studios where parts of the series have been filmed, but there have been many on-location shoots (like the one for the Dark Hedges, or so I’m told). I met several people during my short visit in Northern Ireland who had a part behind the scenes (or knew someone who did) with Game of Thrones.

The real story of the Dark Hedges has to do with the Stuart family. In 1775 James Stuart built a Georgian mansion called Gracehill House (named after his wife Grace Lyn). The Stuart family decided to plant a row of beech trees along the laneway to greet visitors coming to Gracehill House. Of course at the time the trees weren’t that big, but over 200 years later they’ve grown into these iconic, massive twisted trees. The area is also known for wildlife like the brambling bird and wood mouse. It is also said that there is a ghost called The Grey Lady who haunts these parts.

While I wasn’t geeking out over the Game of Thrones connection the Dark Hedges was a cool spot, and I wish we had a little bit more time here. And when I eventually do watch Game of Thrones there’ll be a part of the show where I can say, “I’ve been there.”

Being a filming location from Game of Thrones the Dark Hedges is quite popular. Should you want to avoid the crowds you may want to rent a car and visit early. There is parking at the nearby Hedges Estate Hotel (139a Ballinlea Road, Stranocum, County Antrim Ballymoney). The Dark Hedges is at The Dark Hedges, Bregagh Road, Stranocum, Ballymoney, UK. A general map of the area is below. This area is part of The Dark Hedges Preservation Fund. Visitors should respect this area by not littering or damaging these historic trees.

Have you been to The Dark Hedges? Am I missing out not watching Game of Thrones? Tell me in the comments below.


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