Photo Friday | June 2015 Photo Essay

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As I’m writing this post it’s 6 months until Christmas, which is crazy. The year is pretty much half over. What the hell? When did that happen? Since the month is almost over I thought I’d do a June 2015 photo essay for this photo Friday and let you know what’s been happening. Plus later on I’ll share some plans I’ve got going on for July and beyond.

What I Did in June

Saw the Edmonton Pride Parade

Edmonton Pride Parade 2015

My friend and I check out the Edmonton Pride Parade. This was my first time at Pride in Edmonton and it was a lot of fun. Great parade, and a fun and energetic crowd.

The Edmonton Craft Beer Festival

I didn’t have much of a camera for that event, but here’s an Instragam I took of a beer and cheese tasting we got to do. Beer and cheese works people. It works well.

Beer and cheese tasting at the Edmonton Craft Beerfest. #yeg #beer #edmonton #festivals #beer #cheese #omnomnom

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Dark Matters at Telus World of Science

Stegosaurus at Dinosaurs Unearthed at Telus World of Science Edmonton

Every few months the Telus World of Science has a Dark Matters, an evening +18 event. This month my friends and I went to Dark Matters and the theme was sex. The stegosaurus here was part of the TWoS new exhibit called Dinosaurs Unearthed. It was a fun night.

Annual Yelper Party at the Royal Alberta Museum

Mule Deer Exhibit at Royal Alberta Museum

So I’m pretty active on Yelp and the thing I love most Yelp is the community and the cool events. Every year Yelp Edmonton has an annual Yelper Party with tons of foods and drinks from local business. This year the event was at The Royal Alberta Museum. Here is an exhibit on mule deers that I checked out while I was there.

Plans for July and Beyond

I’ve got a few irons in the fire, as the saying goes, so the possibilities are a little open. Here are the more concrete plans. .

July 23 is my birthday and I’ve never gone anywhere (outside of the greater Edmonton area) for my birthday. While it’d be cool to jet off to another country time/money is restricting an impromptu trip out of the country. However, I will be going to Drumheller on July 24 for the Canadian Badlands Passion Play, which I’m very excited for, so I might go early and do a birthday trip.

August is a little in the air, but I’ll definitely be checking out The Edmonton International Fringe Festival among other events.

Then it’ll be September and time to get ready for Europe. Can’t wait.

And in early 2016 I’ve booked flights to Asia. Any guess to where I’ll be going?

There’ll probably be more stuff happening as well, but it’s great to have plans and trips to look forward to.

What did you do this month?


2 Responses to Photo Friday | June 2015 Photo Essay

  1. Dan July 7, 2015 at 12:04 PM #

    Hey, cool article! So first thing I wanted to ask is, Where is the beer and cheese tasting at? It looks awesome and we will be in Edmonton in a few weeks before starting our “Great American Road Trip.” 2nd thing, Happy Birthday a couple weeks early! And 3rd, my guess for where you’re going in Asia is: Thailand? Happy Travels!

    • Alouise October 14, 2015 at 10:21 PM #

      Hi Dan thanks for the comment. The beer and cheese tasting was at the Edmonton Craft Beerfest. It’s held every year in May. And great guess for my travel. I’d love to go to Thailand (definitely happening one day), but I’m actually going to Hong Kong and Japan.

      Hope you were able to see a bit of Edmonton while you were on your road trip. If you were here in summer it’s definitely the best time of year (lots of festivals, great weather) to be here.

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