Spring/Winter Road Trip to Saskatoon


I’ve been to Saskatoon several times before. I have family in Saskatoon and I try to go there once a year or. That said  I never felt like I’ve seen Saskatoon. When you go to visit family you’re not really looking to do stuff or explore. Least with me when I go to see my family it’s about visiting and eating a lot of delicious food. For this trip I wanted to see a little bit more of Saskatoon.

As it turns out that’s a little difficult to do when we went in March, at least when it’s -30C. I’m used to -30C spring weather, but it certainly doesn’t make the idea of, “gee I’ll just go out for a nice stroll” easy. Hardcore winter enthusiasts would probably tell me to bundle up and get out there, but I was sick of winter. While I was hoping for nicer weather than what we had, we were content to visit some indoor attractions and take it easy.

What We Did

The one day when it was cold we went to the Western Development Museum. It’s an indoor museum showcasing the heritage of Saskatchewan, from early pioneer days up to today. The 1910 Boomtown Street, where you can go inside different replica buildings like a harness shop, fire hall, church, etc. The Western Development Museum has other branches across Saskatchewan, but I believe the one in Saskatoon is the biggest. For family’s and kids this would be a great museum to go to, but even as full grown adults my friend and I still had fun (and we probably learned a little bit too).

Western Development Museum is located at 2610 Lorne Avenue. Admission is $10 and they are open 9am to 5pm most days.

1910 Boomtown.

The 1910 Boomtown exhibit at the Western Development Museum in Saskatoon.

We took a drive by the University of Saskatchewan campus, and along the river valley. Their University campus is really nice, with great views of the river. The river valley area is quite pretty with walking and biking trails. There was still a lot of snow around, but I’d definitely love to come back in the summer and spend more time here.

We also went to a Saskatoon Blades hockey game. My friend is a fan of our local Western Hockey League (WHL) team The Edmonton Oil Kings, and when I saw they were playing the Saskatoon Blades while we were in Saskatoon it didn’t take long to convince her that we should go to the game. The game itself was a lot of fun, and the arena itself was much bigger than I expected. Also just to show how nice Saskachacats are (the nickname I made up on our trip for people from Saskatchewan) my friend took a selfie with her standing next to the Blades mascot (Poke Check) despite wearing the opposing team jersey. No taunting or anything at the game. It was a nice friendly match, and a fun night out.

The Saskatoon Blades play at SaskTel Centre located at 3515 Thatcher Avenue. WHL season runs from the end of September and into March for the regular season. Playoff season goes until the end of May.

Where We Ate

I wanted to have lunch at EE Burritos, a Latin America restaurant I’d heard about on the Food Network Canada show You Gotta Eat Here. It’s in a strip mall, in a not so amazing location of the city, but like lots of hole-in-the-wall kind of joints the food was really good. Three different kinds of pupusas, plus rice and beans for $15 (and I wasn’t even able to eat everything).

EE Burritos is located at 102 Avenue P South.

Usually I avoid arena food because it’s never very good, but at The Blades game I splurged and got some gourmet mini donuts. The maple bacon mini donuts we mini donuts with bacon, maple syrup, and whip cream. Like a pancake breakfast with extra sugar. It was sweet, but yummy.

Only a couple of blocks down from where we stayed was a restaurant called Alexander’s Restaurant and Bar and had a pretty good pulled pork sandwich. The restaurant seems to be a University hangout, and I later found out from my family (who lives in Saskatoon) they’re well-known for their cheesecake. Next time I’ll skip lunch and just go for dessert.

Alexander’s Restaurant and Bar is located at 414 Cumberland Avenue North.

South Saskatchewan River

The South Saskatchewan River.

Road Trip Verdict

I’m not sure if I’d rush back and do another winter road trip anytime soon (luckily now it’s more spring weather than winter weather), but it was fun to get away for a few days and to see some new things. Saskatoon is a nice city, and pretty easy to get around. I’m definitely hoping to get to Saskatoon again, maybe to check out one of their festivals in the summer.

Things You Should Know

While I normally stay with family for this trip my friend and I at stayed  The Inn on College, which is located at 1020 College Drive. This is nice guesthouse close to the University of Saskatchewan. We stayed in a room with two twin beds, a small tv, and a shared bathroom, as well as a kitchen and living space. There is limited budget accommodation in Saskatoon and this was a great option. Our room (at the time) was $88/night. Prices may have changed.
With the exception of the tickets to The Blades hockey game, which was provided for us by Tourism Saskatoon, my friend and I paid for all other expenses and activities during this trip. All of the opinions within this post are my own.

Have you been to Saskatoon? Would you visit in the winter?

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