About Me and Take Me To The World

My name is Alouise, and I’m not good at writing an About Page for myself. I know myself, but it’s always hard to communicate that. Let’s see I’m a person living on planet earth, and I breathe in oxygen. No, that makes me sound like a weird outer space alien pretending to be a human. Yes, I enjoy the earth foods.

No usually what I say is something like this, I’m currently living in the Edmonton, Canada region on Treaty 6 Territory. I would like to acknowledge that this is the traditional territory of the Niitsítpiis-stahkoii (Blackfoot), Nêhiyaw-Askiy (Plains Cree), Tsuu T’ina, Cree and Métis peoples. I love to travel, but prefer to think of myself as a travel enthusiast rather than an expert. I spent some time living in Ireland, but I’ve been back in Canada longer than I was away. I love going to the theatre, and I’m a complete nerd about musicals. I love music. Sometimes I write.

And that’s all true but something has changed within me, something is not the same. Okay I’ll stop quoting Wicked but it’s true. And I’m sure the events of the past 12+ months have contributed to this. And I wrote about it a bit here, but in summary I’ve become content with not travelling, which is weird to say when you’re a “travel blogger” or something. Maybe I’ve just gotten used to this new routine, but I’m not anxious about not travelling. Wait, that’s a double negative. I’m not anxious about staying home.

More importantly I keep thinking about how things have changed, and on a personal level I want to be more conscious of my travel and the impact it has. And as a white cisgender woman I realize I have a lot of privilege in travel than many do not. I want to not only be aware of this, but to use my privileges to help those in more marginalized communities. This isn’t an action plan or a concrete elevator pitch, but my intentions with this blog will be changing a bit from it’s past incarnations. I mean I’ll probably still have pretty photos and write about the places I’ve been to, but I want there to be more to this site than those things.

Let me be clear I am not perfect, and striving for perfection is kind of pointless because it doesn’t exist, and whatever we might think is perfect now someone will disagree with us or in the future that idea of perfection will change, but that’s an aside. So this isn’t a “you must do this or you’re a horrible person” kind of deal. To be fair I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing, and never have. But I am learning and hopefully making better choices. I don’t think my choices before were bad, but I also know we can always improve. Progress, not perfection.

When it comes to this blog you’ll find stuff about travel, musicals, music (more so in the last year and bit since I haven’t been able to travel due to the Pandemic), and maybe some other stuff. You can use the menu above to navigate the posts. Blog has all the posts on this site just for your information. I feel like everything else is pretty self explanatory. If you’re on a mobile or tablet device click the purple lines beside the logo to open the navigation menu.

If you want to contact me you can go here.

Thanks for visiting this little sliver of the interwebs. Have a great day.