August Artist – Stevie Wonder

August Artist – Stevie Wonder (Part 3)

This post is part of my Deep Dive Music Project. This month I’m listening to some music by Stevie Wonder. Be sure to check out the Stevie Wonder playlist I have on Spotify. Click the links below to go to other parts in this post
Part 1
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All right, so here’s the part where I confess that this month I haven’t done as much of the deep dive as some of the other months. I only just finished listening to the albums I planned to just a couple days ago. And there are only a few songs I’ve listened to multiple times. This isn’t anything against the music I’ve listened to, or a criticism against Stevie Wonder as an artist, because holy fuck this man was meant to make music. I may have said this in the podcast, or just repeated it to myself, but the music I’ve listened to has been absolutely stellar. But I just have had a lot less time this month due to working extra hours, and when I have been listening to music it’s been on the background and I haven’t been able to really focus on the details. If you don’t know, or remember the point of this project for me was not just to play music in the background, but to really listen and dig into it.

You know what though I think it’s okay to sometimes just play music in the background. When you’re really tired or just want to chill sometimes it’s okay to play music while not feeling a need to focus on the song structure or innate details. And I’m sure a lot of you are like “yeah obviously” but I’m always looking to dive into the lyrics, or the music theory of a song that sometimes I forget this. And if you’re looking for some really good music to have on in the background, that when you have time you can also dive into because there’s a lot there then Stevie Wonder is a great artist for this. So while I don’t have time to give my thoughts on these albums as the month is almost over I will definitely be going back to listen to Stevie Wonder’s music again in the future.

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