Photo Essay | An Ode to Autumn

Photo Essay | An Ode to Autumn

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I don’t like to play favourites, but sometimes I think that autumn is my favourite season.

Of course, sometimes I think it’s summer. The sun is high in the sky, and the nights are long, some of my favourite festivals happen in the summer. Plus my birthday is in July.

And sometimes I think it could be spring. You know right after the snow has melted, and the streets have been swept, and there are little buds of greens on the trees.

Even winter is not without its charms when the sky is black, and the snowflakes drift down from the clouds, and holiday lights are twinkling.

But I think autumn might be my favourite season. Not because the weather is delightful because sometimes the weather can be quite cold.

The leaves are starting to change colours. In a few weeks, these branches will be skeletal.

Autumn is my favourite season because it’s a season that’s so pretty and short. The leaves will start changing colours at the end of August/beginning of September. Sometimes it snows in October (sometimes in September even) and autumn seems to be over. Or a big gust of wind will pick up one day, and the leaves will scatter, and the trees will be bare. Where I’m from if you get six-weeks of autumn weather, with no snow, and the foliage still out then you’re pretty lucky.

I love the colours of the foliage.
This is the Whitemud River Valley in Edmonton, Alberta.
Sunset at the Fort Edmonton Footbridge. My friend and I went for a walk in this area, and it was gorgeous.

In autumn the leaves drop to the ground, and you can step on them, and they make that fantastic crunching sound that autumn leaves make. Sure it gets cold and windy sometimes, but that’s part of the trade-off.

Autumn is always wonderful.

Some of the beautiful colours of autumn.

What’s your favourite season?

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  1. Alouise – thanks for showing off some of Edmonton’s prettiest bits. I didn’t know that there was foot bridge by Fort Edmonton park. Fall is my second favourite season – summer is my queen.

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