Avenue of Comic Stars in Kowloon Park, Hong Kong

Avenue of Comic Stars in Kowloon Park, Hong Kong

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On my first morning in Hong Kong, I woke up and decided I was going to go for a walk. My mission was to find some breakfast, so I headed out on Nathan Road. Before I could stop for something to eat, I found myself distracted by something across the street. There it was, a series of colourfully painted steps and cartoon characters. What was this? I had to find out.

Here is the closed entrance I spotted across Nathan Road. With this colourful entrance how could I not explore this place?

I crossed the street and found myself at an entrance of stairs to somewhere, but it was under construction, and I couldn’t go in. I ventured further along Nathan Road and found another entry, with colourful steps and different cartoon characters, ones I didn’t recognize, all lined up on the steps.

These were the steps that led to Kowloon Park. Already, I am in love with this place.

Whatever this place was I had to go inside and check it out.

The place was Kowloon Park, and I went there three times during my five-day visit to Hong Kong. Kowloon Park is pretty big, but not huge and has a lot of cool spots, but the first thing I saw going in was the Hong Kong Avenue of Comic Stars. Similar to the Avenue of the Stars (where you can see statues of Hong Kong movie stars like Bruce Lee), the Hong Kong Avenue Comic Stars features statues, but of comic book characters. Now I’ll admit I have zero knowledge about Hong Kong comics or comic characters, but this was awesome. There are statues of cartoon penguins and super agents. How can you not love this place?

Ding Ding the Penguin created by artist Kong Kee. With the camera and the little backpack, this guy looks ready for an adventure.
Is this selfie with Ding Ding the penguin now my personal Facebook profile picture? It sure is. Am I secretly five years old? Perhaps.
This is the comic character Old Girl created by artist Stella So. Old or not I see she has dumplings, so she’s outstanding in my books.
I love how they had handprints (of the comic artists, not the comic characters because that would be too weird).
This is a comic character named Cloud created by artist Ma Wing-Shing. I know I gravitated toward a lot of the kids’ cartoon looking comic characters, but there were a variety of exceptional and fascinating characters here.
A brooding selfie with comic character Andy Chan, created by artist Man Kai Ming.
This is the comic character Little Horse created by artist Maggie Lau. That shovel makes me a little worried.
This is the comic character McDull created by artist Alice Mak. Apparently, McDull had a feature-length movie. He has this look of “hell yeah bitches, I’m fabulous.” I like him.
This cat is a comic character name Din-Dong created by Pam Hung and John Chan.
A super selfie with secret agent comic character K created by artist Li Chi-tat.

Not shown, about 20 other photos of this place that I took.

I know some people would look at this place and think it’s super cheesy, but as soon as I saw this entrance, I thought Yep, I’m going to like Hong Kong. It was (outside of being at the airport and taking the MTR) my first real impression of Hong Kong. Is this Hong Kong in a nutshell? Does it describe the nuances of this global city? No, probably not, but it was fun and weird and wonderful, and I wish I was there again.

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Things To Know
The Hong Kong Avenue of Comic Stars is in Kowloon Park near the entrance on Nathan Road. Map here. Admission to the park is free. The outdoor facilities (like the Hong Kong Avenue of Comic Stars) are open from 5 am to 12 am.
While in Hong Kong I stayed at the Pearl Premium Guesthouse. This is a great option for budget travellers to Hong Kong, and is only a two-minute walk from Kowloon Park and the MTR (subway). If you can stretch your budget, there are plenty of moderate and high-end luxury hotels in Hong Kong you can book here.

Had you heard of the Hong Kong Avenue of Comic Stars in Kowloon Park?

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  1. Hi Alouise,

    Love that Ding Ding selfie! It’s neat how a trip to breakfast could lead to such an exciting day. All my wackiest journeys start with different intentions. Every time. Be open, ready and willing to explore bright pink places filled with colorful cartoon characters. Thanks for sharing 🙂


  2. The best part of travel is those unexpected surprises (the good ones anyway). You’re right, being open to anything and ready to explore leads to the best travel days. Thanks for the comment.

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