Important Information For Companies and Brands

If you are or represent a brand/company/business, etc and are looking to contact me regarding a business opportunity of any kind read this page in full first. Failure to follow the instructions below will result in me deleting your email.

Should you want to contact me regarding guest posts, link exchanges, advertisements, sponsorships, product reviews, or any other type of business inquiry please note I will be extremely picky with any company/brand/business that I work with. I require monetary payment for my work, not just free products, so if you don’t have a budget for payment don’t contact me. This blog is a hobby, and not my main source of income (though no hate to those who do blog for income because I know it’s hard work). Don’t approach me thinking I’ll be desperate to work with you or promote your stuff. The purpose of this blog again is not for me to make money or sell something to others. I’m not above those things, but if it’s happening on this blog it will only be under the right conditions. I’m only working with companies/brands/businesses that are ethical, align with my values, and if the information/product/service will be useful to my readers. Any sponsorships, reviews, etc will be disclosed, no exceptions. Any promotional links will be no-follow, no exceptions. If this isn’t acceptable to you then move on. I won’t be bartering on this and any attempts to do so is a waste of time.

If you’re a company/brand/business have read all this, agree to the points above, and you’ve browsed a few posts on this blog and still want to work together then feel free to contact me at takeme2theworld[@] Please put Musical Kazoo Wahoo!!!!! exactly as written in the subject line for me to read your email. Anything else in the subject line will be discarded. If you email me pretending to be a regular reader and try to slip some business inquiry in the email, then it will be deleted and marked as spam. Please note I don’t respond to business inquiries of any kind of social media. If this seems like a lot to you then we probably shouldn’t work together. I’m sure there are other bloggers, and influencers on social media who you can work with.

Contact – Information For Everyone Else

If you’re just a regular person who wants to contact me about something on this blog you can send me an email takeme2theworld[@], or contact me on social media. I don’t mind people contacting me on social media as long as it’s not for business purposes (those get deleted). I may not be able to respond to you right away. If you’re looking for further information regarding any destinations I’ve written about I won’t be able to provide personalized advice, what’s on this blog is what I have.

Thanks and have a great day.