Favourite Festivals from Around the World

Favourite Festivals from Around the World (Part 1)

With everything that’s happened since 2020 I recommend being cautious when travelling or attending in-person events. Wear a face mask, wash your hands, and follow all local health guidelines. If you can get vaccinated (and get any booster shots available) please do so to help the most vulnerable in our communities.

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I love festivals, so I recently asked some travel bloggers to share some of their favourite festivals from around the world. Big thanks to all the bloggers who contributed to this post. Be sure to check out their blog and social media links to find out more about them.
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Time in Jazz

Time in Jazz takes place every summer in Berchidda, in the North of Sardinia (Italy), and to jazz lovers is a must. It is a whole week or more of jazz, across some villages in the area, with open-air concerts (which are free) and the possibility to stay in camping sites or budget bed and breakfast accommodation. It is organized by Paolo Fresu, a world-famous trumpet player, in his home village. Each year he gathers the best jazz musicians for some wonderful concerts. To the music, add the amazing surroundings, the nearby beaches, which are among the world’s best beaches, the possibility of enjoying some great food, and you will want to add Time in Jazz to your bucket list!

The best jazz and the best beaches. Photo courtesy of My Adventures Across the World.
The best jazz and the best beaches. Photo courtesy of My Adventures Across the World.

Submitted by Claudia Tavani of My Adventures Across the World | Follow My Adventures Across the World on Facebook and Twitter.

Peak Music Festival

The Peak Music Festival used to be called the Snowy Mountains of Music Festival and is held at Perisher Ski Resort in the Snowy Mountains of NSW, Australia.

The music festival is held to signal the start of the snow season in Australia, but because of our endless summer, none of us expects snow on the long weekend in June when it is held. However, it is the coolest music festival in the country, regardless, and the snow does come, just a bit later on.

We love this incredible indie music festival because we see how much talent there is in Australia. Combined with the amazing camaraderie that comes with both diverse music and the excitement of the impending ski season, this makes this is one of a kind amazing festival.

There are 40 performers over 9 different venues. There are performances and workshops (held by the artists) to help others to fine-tune their skills in such diverse skills as drumming, singing, and juggling. There are poetry reading and storytelling through words and song.

I am constantly in awe of the amazing talent that is showcased at the coolest music festival. The festival highlights both new and established artists, who bring a rich diversity to the program. We hear a French singer play a mix of Balkan, Spanish, and Middle Eastern songs, a brass knuckle band, a Columbia band that brings the roof down, and Australian bush bands.

We all dance and party hard for the 3-day weekend to bring the snow to the resort, and it works.

Here is a performer at the Peak Music Festival. Photo courtesy of Paula McInerney.
Here is a performer at the Peak Music Festival. Photo courtesy of Paula McInerney.

Submitted by Paula of Contented Traveller | Follow Contented Traveller on Facebook and Instagram.


Hellfest is a metal festival that happens every year in Clisson, a tiny little town in France. Metalheads from all over the world gather around camping and booking every hotel of Clisson and Nantes to its full capacity, every June is the same.

I had the pleasure to work as a photographer there for 3 years: 2011, 2012, and 2013. It was the best experience of my life!

The festival is great and the headline is always full of big names. From all the many festivals I’ve been to all over Europe, I gotta say that Hellfest was always the best.

Truth be told that the festival grew bigger and bigger, and with that, problems started to happen, but if you’re down for a heavy metal festival, be prepared for everything, right?

The festival has 5 different stages: 2 main stages, 1 stage for punk rock/hardcore, 1 stage for death metal and black metal and one for stoner and sludge metal. Crazy, huh? Besides that there a huge area just for random merch and several tents all over the place for official merchandise (from the bands playing on that day).

The food can go from simple fries with ketchup to world food, and the alcohol is basically 2 or 3 kinds of beer and red and white wine.

Here is a performer at Hellfest. Photo courtesy of Fotostrasse.com.
Here is a performer at Hellfest. Photo courtesy of Fotostrasse.com.

Submitted by Marcela Faé of Fotostrasse | Follow Fotostrasse on Instagram and Facebook.

Have you been to any of these festivals? What’s your favourite festival?

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