February Artist – Frank Ocean

February Artist – Frank Ocean (Part 1)

This post is part of my Deep Dive Music Project. This month I’m listening to some music by Frank Ocean. Be sure to check out the Frank Ocean playlist I have on Spotify. This post has all my thoughts about the music I’ve listened to this month, and is broken up into two parts including this one. Click on the link below if you’d like to read the other section.
Part 2

Out of all the artists on the Deep Dive Music Project, Frank Ocean is the one whom I’m the least familiar with, but I’m quite excited to dive into his music. I know only a handful of things about Frank Ocean; that he was born in 1987 (making him the youngest artist I’m featuring on this project), and that he grew up in New Orleans. I know he was part of the hip hop collective Odd Future along with several other hip hop artists (like Tyler, The Creator, Earl Sweatshirt among others) before going solo. I remember news stories about him coming out via a post on Tumblr in 2012. Even though this was less than 10 years ago it was a time when there was much less LGBT+ visibility in the hip hop community. However my understanding is that he has never made a definitive statement on his sexuality (and he shouldn’t have to if he doesn’t want to).

The Frank Ocean Songs I Kind Of Know

This is going to be very short, probably the shortest of any artist I’ll feature. There’s only one Frank Ocean song I’ve heard before and that is “Pink + White.” Of course, it’s possible there’ll be songs I come across that I have heard before but this is the only one that I (kind of) know.


I don’t know much about Frank Ocean’s music. I’ve heard it described as eclectic, but that doesn’t exactly narrow it down to, “oh yeah that means his songs will probably sound like Tyler, The Creator or Kendrick Lamar.” In fact I don’t exactly know what music genre Frank Ocean will most resemble, if any at all. His music could have a lot of rap and hip hop elements, but it could be completely different than that (or maybe just different from the rap and hip hop I’ve listen to). Perhaps Frank Ocean’s personal life experiences will be present in his music and songwriting, but I don’t expect this to be in every song. The fact I’m going into this month with so little knowledge about Frank Ocean’s music makes me really excited for what’s to come. This is the first artist on the list where I have very little preconceived notions about what their music will be like.

The Frank Ocean Albums I’m Listening To This Month

Frank Ocean’s discography is relatively short. Spotify only has his two studio albums Blonde and Channel Orange. Since his discography is relatively short I’ve also added several tracks from other artists Frank Ocean is featured on. If I have time I might track down some of the songs he did as part of Odd Future, although I know these will also feature other artists in the collective. I’ve added some singles by Frank Ocean that aren’t on any albums to my playlist of songs to listen to. Finally, my friend and visual artist Brady let me know Frank Ocean has a mixtape Nostalgia Ultra and a visual album Endless that I might be interested in tracking down. Of course, these aren’t available on streaming platforms like Spotify and might be harder to come across, but if I can I would like to track them down and listen/see them.

February might be a short month, but I feel like there’ll be a lot of substance to Frank Ocean’s music and I can’t wait to listen to it.

What’s your favourite album or song by Frank Ocean? 

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