Holy Hell It’s 2023!

Holy Hell It’s 2023

Yep, it’s 2023 already. By which I mean it’s several days into 2023 (well on the Gregorian calendar that is; I know it’s still 2014 in Ethiopia).

I’ve been really slacking on this blog, and I was waiting for a good time to do a life update, which will explain why I haven’t updated on here as much. Some of this I already covered back in my summer recap so I’ll try keep this short.

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In 2022 I didn’t travel anywhere new. The only trip I took was to Vancouver. It’s a city I’ve visited a few times now and will definitely visit again in the future. And a day trip to Red Deer, which is only an hour from me.

For 2023 I have absolutely no trips planned. Yes, I’m a great travel blogger. There are several budget airlines in Canada now and so a quick trip somewhere (maybe Palm Springs or Vegas in the US, or somewhere in Canada like Toronto or Halifax is possible). That said with the recent travel fiascos that have happened over the holidays (like Sunwing in Canada or Southwest in the US), I’m not looking to hop on a plane asap. There are always road trips to Jasper or Banff or Calgary (it’s been several years since I’ve been to those places). I’m sure I’ll go somewhere and unlike previous years I’m not anxious about not travelling, which is nice.

It’s an autumn scene from 2022.


In 2022 faired pretty well on the theatre end. I saw the Cirque du Soleil show Ovo in Red Deer, and two Broadway Across Canada productions Hamilton in July and Jesus Christ Superstar in November. I also saw several shows at the Edmonton International Fringe Festival in August. And a really well done local production of A Gentleman’s Guide to Love & Murder. Plus going to Choir! Choir! Choir! in October, which was a lot of fun.

For 2023 I actually have a couple of shows booked. I’ll be seeing Anastasia in February, and a production of Pride & Prejudice in March. I’m also planning to see a few shows at the Edmonton International Fringe Festival because it’s my favourite local festival. And there will probably be some shows from local theatre companies I’ll try to see this year too.


2022 I did a few firsts, mainly getting a tattoo in July (and a second one in August). On the work front I’ve been working at a retail job part-time since 2018. I also wrote a couple of articles for a community newspaper and did some writing work for a friend who was turning her basement into an Airbnb rental.

That writing work I did was for my former piano teacher Karen. Several years ago her son Thad was killed by a drunk driver, along with two other young men. just weeks before he passed Thad told his mom he wanted to started a foundation to help kids who couldn’t afford it to be able to learn to play an instrument, so from a tragedy they started the Thaddeus Lake Music Foundation. It’s an organization close to my heart, and one I’ve try to support in some capacity (by donating money or items for their annual silent auction).

Back in the fall I was approached by Karen and her husband Tony to become the Executive Directory of the Thaddeus Lake Music Foundation, and the board approved this motion as well. This definitely wasn’t an opportunity I was expecting, but it’s one I’ve welcomed. I’ve learned that I really have to care about the job I work at, and the people I’m with. I know the good the foundation does for the community. While it’s been a bit overwhelming at times I’m certainly not on my own with this. The Lakes and several board members have really helped me out. We have several goals for 2023 including wanting to open a musical instrument lending library, getting charity status from the government of Canada, and applying for (and hopefully getting approved) for various grants to help our funding. Recently we launched our website, and our Instagram (we’re on Facebook too).

That’s what I’ve been busy with the last few months (along with my retail job during the busy month of December). It’s why my blog has fallen to the wayside, and why there may not be much for travel updates for a bit. I don’t have a lot of concrete plans for 2023, but that’s okay. 2022 had a lot of good to it, and I have high hopes for 2023.

Cheers to the year ahead. May it be an amazing one for us all.

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  1. Sounds like you accomplished lots in 2022. You are such a welcome addition to TLMF and have already done so much to move Thad’s Foundation mandate forward. I have learned so much from you! Thank you for taking the opportunity that was offered to you – you are a treasure!!

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