The Latin Quarter in Galway, Ireland

The Latin Quarter in Galway, Ireland

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Back in February, I went to Galway for a couple of days. While it was cold and rainy (not completely unexpected), I had a nice visit. The main area of the city is small and easily walkable. I ended up going on a day trip to Connemara during one of my two days in Galway. This meant I didn’t spend of ton of time in Galway city itself, so there are some places I’d like to go back to and explore further. Plus the city is a short drive from the famous Cliffs of Moher, a site I must see while I’m living in Ireland.

From my quick visit, my favourite area within the city was the beautiful and lively Latin Quarter. There were a variety of shops, restaurants, and pubs, and plenty of street music. Unlike in Dublin where street musicians tend to play more modern songs (I hear lots of Ed Sheeran and Oasis walking along Grafton Street), it was mostly Celtic music that I heard here.

Latin Quarter in Galway, Ireland.

In other news next week I’ll be in Edinburgh, Scotland for a few days. It’ll be my first time visiting Edinburgh or anywhere in Scotland for that matter. I’m excited to check out The Edinburgh Fringe Festival and see a bit of the city.

Things To Know
I used City Link Bus to get to Galway from Dublin. It’s about 2 hours direct and the bus has free Wi-Fi. I paid for my ticket, which was €23 roundtrip.
While in Galway I stayed at the Galway City Hostel. This was an excellent budget accommodation close to the bus station and train station. The dorms were clean and modern, and there was a shared kitchen space. The hostel is about a 10-minute walk to the Latin Quarter. I paid for my own stay here and really enjoyed it.

Have you been to Galway? 

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  1. I remember the performers on the banks of the Themes and many were quite remarkable. Given the choice, I would much rather hear traditional Irish songs in Ireland than be bombarded with only contemporary selections. It sounds like Galway would really be a great place to visit.

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