Musical Theatre Podcast | Episode 17 – Visual Element Series: Set

Musical Theatre Podcast | Episode 17 Visual Element Series: Set

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Episode 17 of the Take Me To The World Musical Theatre Podcast is the second episode in a series where I talk about different visual elements in musical theatre. In this episode I talk about the set in musical theatre, focusing on the musical Sunday in the Park with George.

While it’s not necessary to listen to the previous episode of this Visual Elements series to understand this episode if you do want to listen to that episode you can do so here.

Where to Listen to Episode 17?

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Resources – Music

This has links (mostly on Deezer, unless otherwise stated) to the cast recordings/soundtracks that I mentioned in this podcast, as well as to some musical playlists.

It’s Broadway, Bitch – Deezer Playlist. This has over 1700 songs from different musicals. Most are from stage musicals, but there are a few movie and tv musicals as well. Albums are listed in random order. Some songs contain strong language and subject matter; listener discretion is advised.

Sounds of Broadway. This is an online radio station with over 4600 songs from 560 different musicals. It’s a fun way to listen to musicals you know and discover some musicals you may have never heard of before. The station also has a great weekly podcast about musicals.

Sunday in the Park with George (1984 Original Broadway Cast)

Sunday in the Park with George (2017 Broadway Revival Cast) – I haven’t really listened to this recording but this is also available. This cast was also going to be the one for the 2021 London production listed in the website and app section.

Resources – Videos

These are links on Just Watch (unless otherwise noted) for some movie adaptations of the musicals I mentioned in this episode. I’ve also included some non-musical movie versions if available.

Sunday in the Park with George (1986 Filmed Stage Movie)

Resources – Websites and Apps

There was originally going to be a West End production of Sunday in the Park with George 2021, but it has been cancelled. The website is here; maybe they’ll be able to get the production going at some point.

If you want to see the actual painting of “A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte” by Georges Seurat you can do so here. This is the Art Institute of Chicago’s website so you can also find information about hours of operation and admission if you are in Chicago and would like to see this work in person.

Art in Context has an analysis of the piece “A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grand Jatte” by Georges Seurat. This isn’t necessary to read to understand this podcast or to enjoy Sunday in the Park with George but it is an interesting read if you want to know a bit more about this painting and Seurat as an artist.

Lesson from about Set Design.

Here’s a glossary of theatre terms, including ones related to set, if you are interested in more technical stuff.

Broadway Set Models is an Instagram account that features Lego recreations of current Broadway sets.

Reddit Musicals and Reddit Musical Theatre. Both of these subreddits are great places to go if you want to talk about musicals, get tips (if you’re a performer), and to get recommendations on shows to check out.

Broadway Musical Home. This is a great resource for anyone who loves musicals. They have an alphabetical list of over 300 musicals. You can search musicals by different categories like “based on a book” and “based on real life.” For anyone or any theatre company looking to put on a musical, you can visit the Rights page, which has information on where to get the rights to put on a variety of musicals.

Playbill has a listing for shows (musicals and plays) in New York, London and National Tours.

Today Tix has an App for both iOS and Android. You can use the app to buy cheap, same-day tickets for shows in cities like New York, London, Toronto, Chicago, and several others. I’ve successfully used this app in London and highly recommend it.

Use the Code JGZYL to save £10 (or $10) on your first order with Today Tix.

What’s your favourite set in a musical?

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