I’m Not a Traveller and I Never Have Been

I’m Not a Traveller and I Never Have Been

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I haven’t written much about travel (you know for obvious reasons). In the before times I liked to travel, but more importantly I also liked to research my trips. I won’t say the research part is better than the travelling itself (it’s not). I will say that even up to 18 months ago I’d start to feel anxious if I didn’t have a trip planned. But right now travel isn’t possible (at least where I live), and I can confidently say I have no clue when I’ll be able to travel next.

To be honest I feel 100% okay about this. Of course, I’d love to take a trip again at some point (in the future, when its safe and reasonable to do so). However, that feeling of anxiety that used to plague me when I didn’t have a future trip booked, well it’s not there. This isn’t a depressive life sucks because I’m stuck at home thing either. I’m psychologically, mentally, and emotionally okay with not travelling, at least for the time being.

Now this isn’t a I’m never going to travel again post either. I still want to travel in the future, but it’s not something I’m focusing on right now. In the before times I’d read travel blogs, look at travel photos, and write about travel. I’d enter travel contests (not a lot of those right now), and would try to get myself into a general “traveller” kind of mind. The last year and a bit I’ve taken a big break from all that. If this seems strange I should point out that, yes travel is something I’ve loved to do. However, I’ve spent a lot more days of my life at home than I have travelling (even if I take into account my time in Ireland).

I also feel it’s quite detrimental to try and make something beyond your control (like travel) part of your identity. Why? Because if you lose that thing you can feel like your losing part of yourself. A few years ago I’m sure it would have been hard to envision a world where travel is greatly restricted or banned for almost everyone. If I considered myself a traveller I would’ve had a much harder time with the last 12 months than I’ve had.

Last trip I took was to Montreal in June 2019.

Thing is I’m not a traveller and I never have been. Yes, I love to travel. I love to research trips, and I am happy when I get to travel, but I’m not a traveller. Travelling is something I like to do. It’s been a part of my life, but it’s not the only part of my life and it’s certainly not my identity. There’s more to me than travel, and I’ve realized this over the past few years.

This is a weird post to put on a blog that’s supposed to be about travel (among other things). There are places I’ve been to that I haven’t written much about yet, so I might write about them at some point. But I’m not pressuring myself to create travel content for this blog when I don’t want to, or when it feels inauthentic to do so. I’ve been focusing on other projects and hobbies, including stuff that isn’t on this blog (and no, I’m not writing a novel). This is a longwinded way of me saying I’m okay with not travelling right now and I’m doing well.

I’ll put some more travel related stuff on here eventually, but it might be a bit different than my other posts. It might be a bit more abstract or introspective or just weird. I can’t say for sure. I’ll share more when I feel like it, and we’ll go from there.

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  1. Thank you Alouise. There is a great bonus in getting to know and accept yourself. I like to read your thoughts.

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