November Artist – Emilie Autumn (Part 1)

This post is part of my Deep Dive Music Project. This month I’m listening to some music by Emilie Autumn. Be sure to check out the Emilie Autumn playlist I have on Spotify. This post has all my thoughts about the music I’ve listened to this month, and is broken up into two parts including this one. Click on the link below if you’d like to read the other section.
Part 2

For the artists I’ve chosen for this project, Emilie Autumn is probably the most obscure for the average person. You might have not heard of her before, and that’s okay. I only know a couple of her songs (more on that later). My discovery of Emilie Autumn started several years back. I was browsing the Asexual Visibility and Education Network (AVEN) website. One post on their forum was about asexual celebrities who had her listed as an asexual artist. I’m asexual myself, and this sexual orientation is not well known in mainstream media, so I wanted to check out a few of Emilie Autumn’s songs.

Emilie Autumn’s Wikipedia page said she identified as asexual when I read this AVEN post years ago; it doesn’t say that now. In fact, her Wikipedia page doesn’t mention anything about her sexual orientation. Emilie Autumn may no longer identify as being asexual. This is valid and is none of my concern (as is anyone’s sexual orientation). I acknowledge a person’s sexual identity can inform their music. This is a topic that I’ll likely come across when I get to artists like Frank Ocean and Janelle Monáe. However, I’m here for the music, and not to analyze/make assumptions about an artist’s personal life.

Long story short I wouldn’t have heard of Emilie Autumn were it not for browsing the forums at AVEN some 10 years ago.

The Emilie Autumn Songs I Kind Of Know

I’ve only heard a few Emilie Autumn songs. They are

  • Opheliac
  • Fight Like A Girl
  • Girls! Girls! Girls!


Before I start diving into the discography for the artists I’ve chosen I want to give a rundown of the impression I get of their music and their work. This may or may not be accurate. The point of this isn’t for me to tell you, “this is definitely what this artist’s music is/will be like” but for me to see if these impressions are correct as I go along. They may or may not be.

Emilie Autumn’s music (from the few songs I’ve heard) is a blend of classical, glam rock, goth, punk, baroque pop, and avant-garde. I know Emilie Autumn is a classically trained violinist. However, she left that world to pursue her own music. She’s written a book of poetry called Across The Sky & Other Poems. She’s also written a novel, The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls. She made the latter work into a concept musical, although I don’t know if this has had a full on-stage production. The music of hers I’ve listened to can be quite jarring. Her songs aren’t exactly sing-along kinds of songs. You won’t hear Emilie Autumn on mainstream radio, at least from what I can tell.

I don’t know if I’m going to love all of Emilie Autumn’s songs. I wanted to listen to Emilie Autumn for this project because I feel her music is interesting and unique. It’s easy to get complacent with music, to listen to the same artists and albums for years. While there’s nothing wrong with playing your favourite album again and again I don’t want to get stuck in a music rut. I want to expand my brain when it comes to music. There are genres of music I’ve come across that years ago I wouldn’t have thought to listen to, and now they are genres of music that I love. And I think this could happen with Emilie Autumn. I like to listen to music that’s a bit “weird” and unconventional every now and then. I like it when an artist takes a risk and tries something different. I believe I’ll come across this with Emilie Autumn’s music.

The Emilie Autumn Albums I’m Listening To This Month

Emily Autumn only has three studio albums. They are

  • Enchant (2003)
  • Opheliac (2006)
  • Fight Like A Girl (2012)

She also has several EPs, an album of B-sides and covers, an instrumental album, a musical album based on her novel, an audiobook of poetry, and an album of interviews. Not all of her EPs are on Spotify, but a couple of them are. I’ll be listening to the following EPs (which are pretty much full-length albums, just not studio releases). They are

  • Liar / Dead Is the New Alive EP (2006)
  • Laced / Unlaced (2007). This is an instrumental double-album with some original compositions by Emilie Autumn, and songs by other composers like Bach, and Corelli. The first part of the album is a rerelease of her first album On A Day (2000).

If I have time I’ll try to listen to her covers/b-sides album A Bit ‘O This & That (2005). As well I’d like to get to her musical concept album The Asylum For Wayward Girls: Behind The Musical (2018). November is always a hectic month for me (I work in a retail job). If I get to listen to these two albums I probably won’t get to write anything about them. Emilie Autumn also has the Opheliac Companion (2009), an 8-hour album containing interviews about her 2006 album Opheliac. She also has Your Sugar Sits Untouched (2005), which is an audiobook version of her poetry Across The Sky & Other Poems. While I would like to get to these albums I’m focusing on her three studio albums and the two LPs above.

Last month I changed things up with the posts I wrote for Prince compared to how I had written the posts with Lana Del Rey prior to that. And I might do something different again, or I might not. What I’ve been learning is that each month of this project (so far) has been different from each. I’m not expecting to have the same thoughts and feelings with Emilie Autumn as I had with Prince or Lana Del Rey. I do believe that listening to Emilie Autumn is going to be a very unique experience and it’s something I’m looking forward to this month.

Have you heard of Emilie Autumn? If so what’s your favourite song or album of hers?

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