November Artist – Emilie Autumn (Part 2)

This post is part of my Deep Dive Music Project. This month I’m listening to some music by Emilie Autumn. Be sure to check out the Emilie Autumn playlist I have on Spotify. This post has all my thoughts about the music I’ve listened to this month, and is broken up into two parts including this one. Click on the link below if you’d like to read the other section.
Part 1

This month has been a bit busy for me and I decided to record a podcast episode to ramble a bit about the Emilie Autumn albums I’ve been listening to this month. Those albums are

  • Enchant (2003)
  • Opheliac (2006)
  • Fight Like A Girl (2012)
  • Liar / Dead Is the New Alive EP (2006)
  • Laced / Unlaced (2007).

I’m sure if I’ll do a podcast every month, but it felt like a good choice this month. You can listen to the episode here on It’s about 24 minutes long.

Have you heard of Emilie Autumn? If so what’s your favourite song or album of hers?

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