Random Thoughts on My First Weeks in Dublin

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I should write something about Dublin. I’ve been here for two weeks now? Three weeks? I’ve wandered around the city a little bit, but to be honest, I haven’t done or seen a lot. My time has been occupied with the following:

1. Recovering from a cold/flu.
2. Doing a bunch of bureaucratic paperwork required to live/work here.
3. Looking for a job.
4. Looking for a place to live. I can’t just stay in a hotel the entire two years I’m here.

One day I had to wake up really early to go to a government office to get my GNIB card (which lets me get a job in Ireland). That wasn’t fun, but I got this lovely picture of the Ha’penny Bridge and the River Liffey because of it. Plus there aren’t a lot of people out at 5:30 am.

Recovering from the cold was the easy part (and it was a nice excuse to stay in and watch Bojack Horseman on Netflix). The paperwork part has been a pain so far, but doable. The job search has been?? I hate looking for a job. I just want to know I have a paycheque and something to do. I’d be a better freelance writer if I didn’t need more security. The place to live search has also proved challenging. Dublin’s rental market is crazy. At one point I replied to someone on Daft (a local rental site) about renting out a room. They messaged me back to see if I’d be interested in seeing the place. Before I could respond, they sent another message saying the room was gone.

So here are some random thoughts on Dublin, after being here for a few weeks, which may or may not change the longer I’m here and the more I experience.

Random Thoughts on Dublin

Dublin isn’t a small city, but it’s not big. A lot of the attractions are within walking distance, and the ones a little further out are easy to get to on transit.

I find it funny that some of the pubs have signs that say “We Have Guinness.” Isn’t that a given at most pubs here?

Georgian doors are pretty impressive. They’re often brightly painted, and a lot of them have the door handle in the middle of the door.

Public transit has been pretty easy to figure out. It’s fun going up to the top of the double-decker buses and getting a view of the city.

Howth is not pronounced how I thought it would be. It’s pronounced like hothe (not like how with a th sound at the end) It’s a fishing town about 20 minutes from the city centre by train. You can see seals there, and they have some delicious fish and chips. I’d like to go back out and spend some more time here.

I’ve always lived in a landlocked province, so being by the ocean is pretty cool. One day I spent an hour at the beach picking up rocks and seashells because apparently, I’m 5.

Irish is an official language here, so you’ll find it on street signs, on public transit, etc. However; you don’t see Irish on products like with English and French in Canada.

It hasn’t rained as much as I thought it would. However the first day it rained my umbrella broke.

It’s also awesome that Ireland is the only country with an official music symbol – the harp.

As a writer, I’m ashamed to say I haven’t read anything by some of Ireland’s best-known writers poets, and playwrights like James Joyce, W.B Yeats, Oscar Wilde, Johnathan Swift, and Samuel Beckett. There are a variety of bookstores and libraries nearby so this can be remedied.

Bray is about 20 minutes south of Dublin on the train. It’s more of a beach town than Howth. And yes I did spend an hour here picking up rocks and seashells on the beach.

I wish I had more to write. I’m still getting a feel for the city. Does it feel like home? Not yet, but maybe it will when I settle in somewhere (that isn’t a shared dorm room at a hostel). Perhaps it won’t, and I’ll just feel like a semi-nomad for the next two years. Either way, I like what I’ve seen so far, and I’m looking to explore a lot more of Dublin and Ireland (and elsewhere in Europe) over the next two years.

Have you been to Dublin?

6 thoughts on “Random Thoughts on My First Weeks in Dublin”

  1. Murielle Petitpas

    It sounds hella cool. Well except for the whole cold, no job, no place yet deal. Dublin looks amazing :). You’ll probably find work once you get the paper work done.

    I too would think they serve Guinness in pretty much every pub, but then maybe they have some sort of deal with Guinness where if they advertise they make more money?

    James Joyce is apparently overrated but Oscar Wilde is hilarious. If you want to start slow on the literary path you should read Angela’s Ashes. It’s a biography about a man who grew up in a Dublin slum. You might like it, cheery as it sounds…lol.

    Can’t wait to read more!


  2. Love Dublin! Heading back for my honeymoon in October.
    Go to Trinity College to see why the harp is Ireland’s (and Guinness’ symbol although you might already know).
    Howth was a great town for a seafood lunch!
    looking forward to following along on your discoveries as you live there!

  3. Hi Alouise,

    Hope you’re feeling better 😉

    Funny thing signs need to mention G. That beer IS that part of the world, I’d reckon.

    I just finished a Narcos Netflix binge myself 🙂


  4. The common room at my hostel was playing Narcos, and I’d watch it while I was emailing my friends and family back home. Definitely going to be binge watching that pretty soon. Thanks for the comment.

  5. I did read Angela’s Ashes back in High School. Great book, but totally sad (but also really funny in some parts). I guess I haven’t dropped the ball on reading any Irish writer.
    And I’ll definitely have to read some Oscar Wilde. He seems a little bit more manageable than Joyce.

  6. I must admit I’ve gone to Howth a couple times for seafood. It’s just so nice there.

    Hope you enjoy your time in Dublin. Are you planning to visit anywhere else in Ireland for your honeymoon?

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