Welcome Back

Welcome Back

Note: Any attractions, businesses, tours, shows, events, and other information listed in this post and on this blog in general may not be accurate due to the current Covid-19 pandemic. While I love to travel and going to live events I urge you to take precautions when travelling or attending any live in person event right now. Be sure to wear a face mask, wash your hands or use hand sanitizer, keep a distance of 2m/6ft from others, and follow all local/provincial/state/federal health guidelines. And most important of all if you can get vaccinated then do so, to help protect yourself and those around you. If it’s not advisable to travel somewhere please don’t go there.

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Hi, my name is Alouise and I spent the last month off and on debating whether or not to delete this whole blog.

Obviously, spoiler alert, I didn’t but I came pretty close. When I was in University I had an instructor in a creative writing class who told us that she never threw out any of her writing, because you never know when it might be useful or inspire something great. Journal entries, grocery lists, stories, poems, she kept all of it. I heard that and shuddered because my natural instinct when it comes to writing (and by extension blogging) is to destroy my work. Maybe it’s because Scorpio rules my third house. Maybe it’s because keeping everything feels like a waste. Like the thought of keeping all my writing just horrifies me.

I’ve never been great at travel blogging, perhaps because I don’t keep a lot of journals or entries about the trips I’ve taken. If I know I’m writing for work I can be professional and take notes, but for this little blog not so much. So when I started getting these weird error messages anytime I tried to do anything on this site my first reaction was to “kill it with fire” (metaphorically speaking; I wasn’t going to burn my laptop). My instinct is to destroy and rebuild when it comes to my writing. Is there a better way? Perhaps, but this is what I do. It’s my natural instinct, and I’d rather work with this cycle of destruction and rebuilding than forcing myself to keep things that don’t matter to me.

Since I’m not travelling so much right now, you know for reasons involving a pandemic I’m taking walks around my local area.

Instead I took a breath and decided to give Take Me To The World a makeover, a makey makeover. This is oh I don’t know how many reiterations of an online blog I’ve had, maybe 9 or 10 if we include the weird Geocities site I had at 14, filled with so many bad poems. May that garbage be forever lost to time. I also debated whether to keep this blog because I’ve changed. I mean not in some crazily obvious way. I generally look the same as I did before (perhaps a few more silver hairs, which I will pretend is a light blonde). If you asked people who know me if there’s been a change in me they probably wouldn’t pinpoint anything in particular. To quote Wicked as I did on my About page “something has changed within me, something is not the same.”

I’ve realized the kind of travel I’ve gotten to do, while I’ve loved and don’t regret and would never fault anyone for doing I am wanting something more. And one day it came to me I want to travel with intention. I want to live life with intention. That’s a very weird nebulous kind of statement, because what does that even mean? Does travel with intention mean I want to intentionally visit every country in the world? Or have the intention to see all the Broadway shows? No, but I do want to become more aware of the many privileges I have in life and in travel, and I want to do more than just showing pretty pictures and writing something because I feel like I should.

I hate writing these random welcome back posts, and if you’re confused by all of this then don’t worry so am I. At no point in my life can I say I know what I’m doing. I am not an expert and never have been. But this is kind of my thought process at the moment. And I will likely change this blog again at some point in the future, and my direction for it. That’s how I role.

There are some changes on here, aside from the visual ones you may seem. I deleted a few posts, sorry if you liked those but I felt like getting rid of them. I also combined a few posts into one (with multiple sections). Posts for The Deep Dive Music Project as an example have been combined into one post per artist; I just thought it looks better on the blog page instead of having 30+ posts there’ll just be 12 (one per artists once the series is complete). Since I didn’t blog in April (as I was fixing things on here) I’ll be restarting this project in May with the next artist and ending it in September 2021. My Moving to Ireland Guide is now in one post (again with multiple sections) just to make it easier to have all the information I’ve created for that in one place. Same thing with a few others series like my Tips for Winning Travel Contests, Favourite Festivals From Around The World, and the Cheap Theatre Series.

I don’t know how necessary this post was, and to be fair in a year I might decide to delete this because that’s my nature. However for this time I felt I should explain why this blog was offline for so long. Plus I was trying to figure out everything on my own and while I can write (I suppose) I’m not good at design or anything technical. There are things I still want to tweak a bit, but I feel like this is a good place to start.

Wherever you are and wherever you’re going welcome or welcome back.

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