Writing Portfolio

Writing Portfolio


Some of these articles are available online. Links available when possible.
McCauley Writers Atlas 2014 – Biking: Then and Now
The PROWlers Anthology – Grounded At The Alberta Aviation Museum
Rat Creek Press – Excitement at Park After Dark (July 2014)
Rat Creek Press – Making Music with Creart (September 2014)
Rat Creek Press – Shutterbugs Display Chops (November 2014)
Rat Creek Press – Celebrating Women and the Arts (Page 5 – March 2015)
Rat Creek Press- Taking a Bite of The Dog (Page 9 – May 2015)
Rat Creek Press- Cultural Connections (Page 3 – July 2015)
Rat Creek Press – Embracing The Deep Freeze of Winter (Front Page – January 2016)
Rat Creek Press – Everyone Can Be A Little Bit Irish (Page 9 – March 2016)
Rat Creek Press – Basking in the Beauty of Art and Gardens (Page 5 – June 2016)
Rat Creek Press – Shop Alberta Ave for Barbecue Supplies (Page 5 – August 2016)
Rat Creek Press – Explore Edmonton’s great gems this summer (Page 8 – July 2019)
Rat Creek Press – Art and history on Alberta Ave (Online Issue July/August 2022)

Online and Blog Writing

Some of these posts/websites are no longer available. In these cases, a copy of the post from the Wayback Machine is linked instead.

Calculated Traveller – Frist Stop (ever) Seattle!
Flight Network – 50 Fun Things To Do in Antigua and Barbuda
Flight Network – Four Day Trips from Dublin
Flurt Magazine – My Visit to The Big Easy: New Orleans
Inspirock Blog – How to Spend 48 Hours in Edmonton: Capital City of Alberta, Canada
LL World Tour – 5 Must-Visit Restaurants on Edmonton’s Alberta Ave
Medium – Lessons Learned on a Road Trip Across Canada
Souvenir Finder – Souvenir Shop at a Canadian Supermarket
The Traveluster – My First Time at the Rodeo
Wandertooth – The 8 Best Day Trips From Dublin: Travel Advice from a Canadian in Dublin
Why Wait To See The World? – How Much Does it Cost to Travel? The Fringe Festival in Edinburgh
Why Wait To See The World? – How Emotions Affect Travel
Why Wait To See The World? – When Someone Else Travels
Vacay.ca – 10 tips for Edmonton Fringe Festival


The Altruistic Traveller – If you don’t travel in the off-season you might be missing out
A Passion and A Passport – Travel Movies to Inspire Wanderlust [Part 1]
A Brit and A Southerner – A Guide to New York City
The Boho Chic – What’s Your Worst Travel Fear?
BootsnAll – What’s the #1 Thing You Can’t Travel Without
Buddy The Traveling Monkey – Celebrating Victoria Day
Calculated Traveller – A Canada Day Ode to Tim Horton’s
Casual Traveler – 7 Tips For Staying Safe While Traveling
Chronic Wanderlust – Favourite (Travel) Books chosen by Travel Bloggers
Crooked Flight – What’s Your Worst Travel Selfie
Eternal Arrival – 14 of the Best Cities for Street Art Around the World
eTramping – 55 Travel Selfies From Around the World
Female Travel Underground – November 2011 Contributor
Frugal First Class Travel – She Went to Paris Because…25 Reasons to Visit Paris
Heart of a Vagabond – Love Stories from the Road
Jusz Travels – 56 Things to Love About Europe from 56 Travel Bloggers
Jusz Travels – 35 Things to Love About North America from 35 Travel Bloggers
Karolina Patryk – How to Make Money for Travel?
Like Riding a Bicycle – What’s Your Least Favourite Thing About Travel?
M2Woman – Simple Tricks Travel Bloggers Use to Save Up to Travel the World
Made All The Difference Travel Blog – 15 Traveler Regrets About Hometown Attractions
McCool Travel – 16 Fabulous Road Trips Around the World. This post was also featured on Yahoo Travel.
My Hot Pink Passport – The Best Global Destinations for Female Travelers
Once In A Lifetime Journey – Travel Pet Peeves We Can All Get Behind
Peanuts or Pretzels – Travel Inspiration: Books that will Inspire You to Travel
Rate Hub – Top 5 Credit Card Myths Busted
Ryan Goes Abroad – What I Wish I Knew When I Started Traveling: The Rest Of The Story
Teacake Travels – Bloggers Unmissable Best Vacation Spots In The World For 2016!
The Solo Traveler Accommodation Guide – The Lynton Hotel (p. 139)
Tales from a Fork – 21 Cooking Classes from Around the World
The Travel Issue – Have I Shown You My Hometown? Stroud, Miami, Edmonton
Travelling King – Amazing Cities Around the World that Start with C
Travel: Moments In Time – Top Destinations for 2017 Recommended by Travel Bloggers
The Trusted Traveller – Europe From Above Part 4
The Trusted Traveller – Your Packing Tips
World as I See It – Favourite Cafes Around the World
World As I See It – Reasons to Visit Canada
Twirl The Globe – I Just Didn’t Like It… (Part 2)
Wanderlust Circle – The Best Places to Travel in 2016 (According to 297 Travel Bloggers)

Interviews and Features

CheapoAir Canada – Top 10 Canadian Travel Bloggers
Hit The Road – Bloggers Who Have Hit The Road
Seen and Heard in Edmonton – Blog Roundup Jan 12, 2016
She Loves to Travel – Wanderlust Series Interview with Alouise from Take Me to the World


A Cook Not Mad – Fine Dining at The Falls